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Hello WCCS20 Presenters & Attendees :star_struck: Please feel free to use this thread to keep the conversation going. Share your session name and link to your slides. You’ll all be getting link to the recordings via email too. We’re so excited to keep the conversation going!


So excited for this learning opportunity! It’s going to be incredible! My session is Cha Cha Changes in the Blended Learning strand (https://bit.ly/WCCS20BL) for session goodies!


I’m very excited to be presenting this session here at the Summit. It’s led to the creation of several school YouTube stations. Come join me for Lights! Camera! Action! It’s the Westhills Television Network with WeVideo. Check out the slide deck here https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1yds-TCEddmor1GafLY-H6yPDOXJ1iWTu4F_Z1iX3JA8/edit?usp=drivesdk


Hi all! My name is Erika Sandstrom better known as @GreenScreenGal and I am excited for WeVideo SUMMIT #WCCS20 as I am presenting twice!

JOIN me first for “Cultivating Compassion Through Creativity Using Video” and then join my #greenscreen dream team for some awesome shenanigans for “It IS EASY Being Green!”


Here is a preview of our GREEN SCREEN session (https://bit.ly/GreenTeamWCCS20 ) :grinning::green_heart::green_apple:


Love all of the sharing here! One of our presenters @gina.marchionda and her team shared this deck in the Tips & Tricks forum that I found super cool too https://creators.wevideo.com/forum/t/empower-student-and-family-engagement-with-wevideo/287

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This has been so fun to prepare. I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone’s presentations. I know I will learn a lot.
Here’s mine: Digital Storytelling is Fun! https://bit.ly/2CTAnhT


Hello everyone! Excited to do some sharing and learning!!
My presentation is "Bloom"ing with WeVideo: Guide Your Students to Higher Levels of Thinking with WeVideo Projects. Hope to see you!


Hi! I’m also very excited but incredibly nervous. My presentation is about how to create a tv news studio with WeVideo: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1HUQ3_1icV8hvYr3CFm7zD7AJoz17NjmS1KKySiu04Kg/edit?usp=sharing
The idea is for it to be a hands-on session, let’s hope it all works out well!


Come join an interactive session! 30 Second Film Festival: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1_ACfXUVLR3byfD1nyWye7xNGmrSbHOT6ou1fTwWeIJk/edit#slide=id.g8e7bbc00ff_0_134


I’ll be the resident NEWBIE here … my session is all about being super new to WeVideo - it might feel scary, but we ended up embracing WeVideo & LOVING it!!! Join me @ 2 pm EST. Presentation - https://bit.ly/KieferWeVideo .


Thankful for this opportunity to share and learn with my team. Our presentation is titled Empower Student and Family Engagement with WeVideo. Looking forward to this engaging experience!


Great to see all of the sharing going on here. Thank you all for leading the way in education :blue_heart:

Here’s a link to my presentation on Understanding Media Messages.

Factual Fiction: Understanding Media Messages

Happy to be a part of this event and it’s great meeting so many new, like-minded people to share ideas with!


Here’s a link to my presentation: Taking Lessons & Projects to a New Level With Blended Learning

So excited to be part of the #WCCS20!


Thank you all for sharing your decks and keeping the conversation going. @janice.wenger shared her deck here. It’s really awesome! https://creators.wevideo.com/forum/t/using-higher-level-thinking-with-wevideo/301

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If any of you would like access to Dan Ryder’s deck, here it is.

Also, Dan sent us responses to your questions:

  • I’ve never heard of an (anemitic?) storyboard-what is this? Do you have an example?
  • Is Song Exploder appropriate for 3rd graders?
  • What do you use for your closed captioning?

Here are his tips:

Animatics are relatively simple moving storyboards. You can often find them in the special features of DVDs & Blu-Ray as well as on Vimeo and YouTube.

This link explains them and includes great examples:

Song Exploder can sometimes feature mature language and some of the explanations can get complex. That said, it is excellent for pulling clips and moments. Just give credit and play the moment you need. The Clppng episode I referenced has excellent moments where they explain how they built their own collection of sounds to use in their music.

I also return to the Solange episode a great deal.

My closed captioning is right there in Google Slides. When I hit present it provides the option and I use them.

Hope this helps!:star_struck:

Hey all my session was called Animations In WeVideo for Teachers & Students. Here is the link to my slide deck https://bit.ly/wccsANIMATE presentation mode & https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1EbcKrrozXAe8aNAv4MaiWK82-CxOb_2m0J5PpqVPzv0/copy to make a copy you can use and/or edit.

I would love to see any animations people or their students create. Share with me on Twitter @nober_techclass

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My session for the WeVideo Creator Community Summit was titled Tips to Engage Learners When Using Instructional Videos. After the fact I think “Using” should have been changed to “Creating”. Hindsight is 20/20, right? Here is the link to my presentation: https://tinyurl.com/CorrisWVTips.
Feel free to use as a resource or if you are training others.

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Hi, Folks! Here’s the link to my #wccs20 presentation entitled “Collaborate, Create, and Celebrate: App Smashing with WeVideo to Amplify Student Voices.” Feel free to use this resource if it helps your or any other teachers you know. Thanks to everyone for such a great three days of learning.

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the first #wccs20
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Allyson Apsey, Elementary Principal & Author

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